Inova DE GmbH was created in late 2013 as an independent economic entity within the INOVA+ company with offices in Porto, Lisbon, Brussels and Warsaw. Counting now with more than 16 years of experience, a highly qualified team, and partners all across Europe, it strives to differentiate itself from other consulting and applied research companies with a personalized and customer oriented project management.
We specialize in medical product development (Software and Hardware), from idea to final product on a variety of medical fields.

It stands as the 11th most funded SME by the former EU Framework Program 7.


Having a sound proposal with a well defined impact, quality and diversity of consortium with an excellent idea is fundamental to pass the evaluation threshold and be considered for EU or national funding. Project proposals are only accepted if the formalism is adequate and the expected impact is reasonable, foreseeable and, in many cases preferably near to market. To increase the success rate of submitted proposals, assistance in drafting, writing, planning and managing such projects is deemed necessary.

This includes keeping to deadlines, building the proper consortium with necessary minimum number of European partners, knowledge and understanding of the appropriate calls, meeting the expected criteria regarding the exploitation of projects results.

This is the service that we offer and will help you maximize the chances of success.

Our research focus lies mostly in medical product research as detailed in our R&D project results.


The strong pressure to innovate requires projects to be optimized to develop the concept and prototypes rapidly. Inova provides Research and Development activities to our industry partners. This service includes not only applied research but as well development from the idea up to a product, project management at an European level, Information and Communication Technologies applied to healthcare, sustainable cities and smart buildings to infrastructure safety.

Inova develops solutions with direct practicable value to technical challenges and organizational problems, contributing to a wide scale implementation of new technologies. By joining the acquired knowledge of different research partners, integrating old and new technologies into innovative solutions we bring the benefits to industry partners of all sizes. Of particular interest is this service to small and medium enterprises that do not wish to maintain their own R&D department.

We specialize in ICT tools for medicine and healthcare, though our interests also include embedded systems for multiple applications.


Encouraging SMEs to participate in European level projects

Project management at Inova DE aims to support companies to access European and National funding, and to raise awareness among the available opportunities.
Projects are carried out in close cooperation with partners from multiple European countries, and as a result partners in research or industry are sought to participate in these innovation initiatives.

We support our partners in all project management activities, we can call on experts from all kinds of disciplines for advice and have access to the best contacts for carrying out the necessary research and development. With the proper research fund for these activities Inova DE offers their assistance in improving the project outcome, and strive to meet the set deadlines and milestones.


Inova DE supports innovative ideas and helps to define research and development projects. Here we present a selection of our past and on-going research projects.

CAST – CArdiac measuring Shirt for Telemedicine

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death for both men and women of all ages. With the aging population and lack of enough trained professionals this evident problem which will become a crisis in the next 5 to 10 years. Furthermore, patients prefer both personalized healthcare and independent self-monitoring, and wearables are becoming increasingly common. The CAST project will address the issue with a seamless solution to facilitate the interaction between patients and cardiologists, while regarding the high standards of quality in medicine that the consortium adheres to. We will create a novel product and service geared towards patient comfort without neglecting the cardiologists’ needs of quality ECGs and assistance options. The shirt contains in fabric embedded state-of-the-art ECG sensors and a device to collect, pre-process, save and send data to a web-platform for intelligible visualization of health information telemedicine and assistance options. With the shirt and service we will positively impact the patients’ quality of life in a more effective and efficient way than other methods or systems available on the market.

SUSS 3DP – SUrgical Simulation Software for 3D printing

Surgery planning is the preoperative method of pre-visualising a surgical intervention, in order to predefine the surgical steps. It is essential in the neurosurgery, oral-maxillofacial surgery and tumour resections throughout the body. Surgery planning is also common practice for other planned surgical interventions as it enables the prior determination and modelling of the risk regions, seeking to obtain the best outcome with fewer risks for the patient. The basis for such planning steps is 3D image datasets acquired through a CT and/or MRI and commercially available software. As each patient anatomy differs considerably from each other, each case is individually analysed and visualized in both 2D slices and 3D reconstructions. This can be further enhanced by using a 3D printer to make exact replicas of organs that doctors can use to plan surgery, and even do practice operations beforehand.


SkinMonitor device arises of the necessity of early detection of skin lesions based on modern ICT tools. The SkinMonitor uses integrated information from high definition imaging, multi-spectral Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) and high frequency ultrasound (US) to extract different data from suspicious skin moles. These data is useful to feed neural network classifiers and to obtain an alert level regarding its possible malignancy.
Sub-systems are responsible for data/image acquisition – HD imaging, Narrow Band Imaging and Ultrasound Imaging – each one described by its components. These sub-systems’ outputs (HD and Ultrasound images) are connected to another sub-system – User Interface Software which delivers the automatic malignancy classification. The software is included in the user’s computer and enables the recording of information for each patient and presents a 3D image. All computational tasks related to processing, storage and pattern recognition are performed in a Data Processing Software that acts as an intermediary for requests from each client.

PhotonicPill – Endoscopic Capsule for diagnosis and therapy based on photonics

The passive endoscopic capsule (EC) was invented a decade ago and has proven a major technological breakthrough in medical technology that has facilitated an unprecedented level of patient-friendly diagnosis of small bowel diseases.
Our PhotonicPill uses an active magnetic platform for guidance inside the human body. The system is composed by an external permanent magnet and inside of the EC is placed a small internal permanent magnet. The remote control of an EC by magnetic field allows the medical doctor to stop, to rotate the EC.
In addition to the conventional white-light illumination, the PhotonicPill contains also narrow band imaging (NBI), endomicroscopy (ENM) and 3D reconstruction of the acquired images to provide detailed reconstruction, early detection and diagnosis of the widespread diseases of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, in particular targeting inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) as well colorectal cancers (CRC) and its precursors.
The active EC operates with two domes (front and back), the front dome with white light LEDs, NBI, PDT and reconstruction 3D functions and the back dome of the capsule dedicated to the ENM function.


The European Union is a world leader in research and innovation. However, over the past decade emerging economies throughout the world continue to strengthen their research and innovation systems while global challenges continue to drive and demand commitment from R&D.

To foster R&D competitiveness and increase the SME’s revenue at an European level, the European Commission has finalized a budget for Horizon 2020 – The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. This Europe-wide funding and development plan replaces the Framework Programme 7 as of 1st of January 2014 as the main financial mechanism to support R&D across all disciplines.

Specially for SME’s the European Horizon 2020 programme offers unprecedented conditions to tech and manufacturing SME’s including about 9bn€ of available funding. Within this panorama, Inova DE supports companies, universities and research institutes to tap into European support programmes. The cooperation with European partners increases the competitivity and market opportunities, within as well as outside the European market.

Additionally Inova DE offers assistance with German National funding programs. Further information about current possibilities of support in certain areas of technology as well as networking with the right partners can be obtained through a simple contact with us.

We cooperate with several national and international institutes, universities and companies.

We intend to grow this network and increase the thus resulting synergies.




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Email: info@inova-de.eu


Talk to us if you wish to turn your ideas into successes, we are always open for project discussions, cooperations and taking on new challenges.

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