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We assist industry, academic and clinical partners with defining, funding and researching their innovative ideas and new product development goals with a focused consultancy service and technical development support.

What we do

At Inova DE we have two focus of business development: Innovation Management and Software Development.

Both are complementary and synergetic. While we write project proposals for our customers to obtain EU and national funding, we are also often participants in our own proposals and product development.

This way we know the insides and outsides of state-of-the-art research and development projects; funding possibilities and chances; technical dependencies and market; the pitfalls and opportunities of project writing and management. We have an international and vast experience in the field of ICT and digitalization and we can assist you to reach your objectives faster, with less internal resources and more external support. We invite you to know more about our areas of action:


Innovation Management

Funding for your research, development and innovation project


Software Development

We turn challenges into products and services

About the team

We are based in Heidelberg and we operate throughout Europe. We are set to help you with any innovation and product development or market introduction challenge you face.

 We are a BMWi authorized consulting firm for go-innovative program. We can help with your innovation needs, and 50% of your expenses are covered BMWiYour benefit: With innovative product solutions you win new customers, expand your sales market and thus strengthen your competitiveness. 

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We are a delegation of the INOVA+ company who has over 20 years of experience in innovation consulting and many partners across Europe.

INOVA+ stands as the 11th most funded SME by the former EU Framework with offices in Oporto, Lisbon, Brussels and Warsaw.

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Inova DE in numbers so far (status 2017):

Locations in Europe: Heidelberg, Brussels, Porto, Lisbon and Warsaw
Started R&D projects in Healthcare in Heidelberg since 2014
Sucessufully executed funded projects in Heidelberg since starting in 2016
Years of experience in valorisation and commercialization of R&D results by the group
Approval rate in European projects by the group
Active R&D partners on running projects
Approval rate in National projects by Heidelberg
Technologies and innovative products launched onto the market with the support of our group
RDI projects successfully implemented by the group within the timing and complying with the proposed objectives
Supported organisations from different sectors
Partners in our network both national and international
1210 K
Amount of public investment in Heidelberg branch alone

Jobs & Career

Looking for your next big adventure? An R&D challenge with a meaning? You’ve came to the right spot then.

Here we publish career opportunities for professionals to find a job that’s exciting, rewarding, and über flexible. You’ll have a chance to master your professional fate and participate in the creation of solutions with tremendous impact. You’ll be involved in a international team with high visibility projects and a guarantee of recognition.


Blockstart program

| IoT, Software development | No Comments

Inova has just concluded the BlockStart program to implement BlockChain Technologies.   We have developed an IoT platform for Industry 4.0, which has capacities for traceability for cross industries. One of the verticals we now apply…

Artistic collaboration in 3D Printing

| 3D Printing, Education, Software development | No Comments

Technology is something that Inova DE is passionate about, and linking science and technology with the arts, makes it long-lasting. In this context, Inova collaborated with the artist Valeria Abendroth…

Aquadig Demonstrator finished

| IoT, Software development, Technology | No Comments

AQUADIG Optimizing seafood trading and maintenance IoT platform for the Agrofood sector The distribution of live seafood for human consumption requires tight quality control. Water quality parameters of live seafood distributors…