Inova DE GmbH and bioMcon GmbH start a collaboration through the PERMIDES H2020 project.

Medical Need: With the rise of targeted drugs in oncology, pathology institutions are facing novel challenges: targeted drugs require specific aberrations of cancer-cells and new diagnostic methods to identify eligible tumors. Image-based molecular pathology extracts and quantifies specific features from these images, as to define which biomarkers have positive detection and consequently aid the treatment decision. With the wide scope of new targeted drugs, the importance of this work drastically increased over the last decade. Typically, it is carried out by viewing on a microscope with manual steps for documenting the obtained quantifications – a tedious and failure-prone process.
AutoMax: bioMcon’s software employs newly developed advanced image analysis tools for automating the extraction and quantification part. It runs on standard hardware and needs only regular color photos for valid results. There is no need for special hardware, and can thus fit to every pathology lab configuration. It represents a valuable support tool for the responsible pathologist, as it is tuned to effectively assist with this task.
AMUI: A specialized AutoMax User Interface is key for integrating AutoMax into the pathologist’s workflow. Enabled by a PERMIDES Innovation Voucher, AMUI is presently under work by the medical IT company Inova DE. AMUI compiles images for uploading and processing, helps in inspecting the output and in documenting the medical decision, and regulates all front-end and back-end traffic.
AMUI + AutoMax make advanced image analysis operable for every pathology lab. This will reduce the workload of pathologists and improve the consistency and precision of results.