Technology is something that Inova DE is passionate about, and linking science and technology with the arts, makes it long-lasting. In this context, Inova collaborated with the artist Valeria Abendroth to create a new artistic installation based on our 3D printing technology developed on the project 3D PRIME.

On this collaboration Valeria Abendroth, the artist, saw the rapprochement between art and technology and through artistic exploration of new applications and materials made it possible to understand the socially increasing relevance of new technologies and the future perspectives.

She created a three-dimensional artwork, an interactive room installation that represented a development laboratory, including biomorphic sculptures that seem to be alive and growing.

The art installation «Embryonic» supported by the STARTS project VERTIGO mimics a medical development laboratory, a walkable space where reality and fiction come together. 3D-printed body organs as well as biomorphic art objects created from the artist are part of the work. Visitors were invited to sensually capture this clinically artificial space with the sense of touch, visual sense and sense of smell.

The collaboration during the artistic residency also counted with Create it REAL, experts in Denmark, with whom we are developing 3D printing technology to produce silicone replicas of real organs in the Eurostars Project 3D PRIME.

The exhibition was presented in Heidelberg, Paris and Saint Petersburg in 2019, with planned new exhibitions for 2020.


Touching the future of medicine through the installation made things much more concrete and palpable.