Supporting cardiologists with patient remote monitoring using a reliable wearable and telemedicine service.

T he European consortium composed by IncreaseTime, Inova DE GmbH, the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA) and the Cardiovascular Research and Development Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (UniC) has initiated the CAST project, funded within the framework of the Eurostars Programme. The project has begun June 2016 and it will tackle the vast and growing chronic cardiac patients market with an innovative wearable shirt and telemedicine service.

The Project Press-release can be found here.

The CAST – CArdiac measuring Shirt for Telemedicine – project will address the growing cardiac problem with a seamless solution to facilitate the interaction between patients and cardiologists, while regarding the high standards of quality in medicine that the consortium adheres to.

The beneficiaries of electrophysiological measurements include patients that require the monitoring of long term, chronic conditions (e.g. atrial fibrillation); Patients in rehabilitation following trauma/surgery; and general patients in need of assistive technology. Cardiology and healthcare institutions are the patrons of the product and service as they can continuously monitor their patients remotely, effectively discharging them home from the healthcare institution. Patients will benefit from greater autonomy and shorter hospitalization; and healthcare givers can continuously monitor the patient regardless of their location, with adequate emergency signalling and recording.

The project just reached its first milestone and it will still run until the end of 2018, by which the consortium is expected to make a market presentation of their innovative product.

The project is supported by Eurostars (E!10291) and the national funding agencies BMBF and ANI.