In the context of the very future-oriented and large-scale CODECO project, Inova DE GmbH is involved in administrative management. In addition, there are tasks such as setting up and expanding the project’s own ecosystem, stakeholder engagement and the implementation of use cases.


Goal of CODECO

CODECO is a cognitive, cross-layer, and highly adaptive edge cloud management framework with a unique orchestration approach to provide smoother and more flexible support for services such as decentralized data management and governance, dynamic compute offloading and compute state, and adaptive network services, among others, across the edge cloud continuum (TRL5). Particular emphasis is placed on supporting the next generation of intelligent services, with a focus on B5G/6G services.

At the core of the CODECO framework are privacy-friendly decentralized learning mechanisms to

  1. Reduce latency and energy consumption between edge and cloud;
  2. adapt real-time computation to available edge-cloud constraints;
  3. Adapt running services to application, data source and environmental context requirements;
  4. benefit from a flexible network infrastructure that adapts to the requirements of active services;
  5. democratize the technology to accelerate market adoption of the toolkit and the products and services derived from it.



CODECO will use a variety of assets in this effort. These include open, cognitive toolkits and intelligent apps that integrate elastic and advanced concepts for intelligent and flexible management of containerized applications in edge and cloud environments (dynamic cluster and multicluster environments). In addition, there is a developer-focused open source software repository that will be available at an early stage of the project, enabling early use of initial advanced deliverables and better customization throughout the project lifecycle. Training tools will also be used to support the development of services based on the CODECO framework. Four use cases have been selected as the basis for experimentation and demonstration: Smart Cities, Energy, Manufacturing, and Smart Buildings. There will also be open calls and several community events based on the different use cases and involving the different CODECO stakeholders. Finally, there will be an integration of CODECO into the large-scale experimental infrastructure EdgeNet , to support the development of experiments and new concepts by the research community.


The Consortium

The CODECO consortium consists of a total of 16 partners from across Europe and the associated countries of Israel and Switzerland. The consortium partners represent different types of organizations, from SMEs focused on open source software and innovation management (Inova Mais, Eclipse Foundation, Almende) to renowned universities (University of Göttingen, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University of Pireus Research Center) and research institutes (fortiss, I2CAT, ATHENA) to large enterprises (ATOS, Telefonica, Siemens, Intracom-Telecom, RedHat, Netsoft-Intrasoft, IBM).


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