Health5G LogoWhat is Health5G?

Emerging network technologies, including next-generation mobile technology (5G), will form the backbone of future healthcare. 5G is a key technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), smart pharmaceuticals and individualized medicine. The characteristics of 5G, such as low latency, reliability, performance and flexibility, enable new features and better quality of eHealth services. The goal of our Health5G project is to identify novel eHealth use cases that take advantage of 5G, investigate and develop 5G enablers for the use cases, develop and validate actual eHealth solutions in real-world environments and real 5G test networks, and disseminate and exploit the results. The project will investigate selected high-impact and industry-driven use cases for future eHealth services enabled by 5G. To date, we have identified three potential eHealth scenarios: Healthcare@home, Hospital Environment of the Future, and Emergency Situations; all involve technology-driven partial use cases that benefit from 5G. The goal is to refine the scenarios and use cases with partners during the project to increase the societal, economic and scientific impact of the project.


The vision for Health5G

We define the vision of the project as follows: “We envision a health monitoring system enabled by 5G-based heterogeneous networks using various integrated wireless radio and cloud technologies, protocol designs, standards, and semantics. Such a system will meet the connectivity, reliability, timeliness, and throughput requirements of applications and bring benefits to individuals and society.”


Inova’s tasks

In the sub-project, Development of Novel eHealth Services, the main purpose and role of the company is to develop a cardiology platform for secure communication between patients and cardiologists. We are adapting the existing online platform to incorporate new consortium developments in secure data transmission across all communication channels between the patient and the cardiologist, including enhancing the user experience by option(video)-chat through the platform. Our research results will be validated by pilots in two geographic regions.

Inova DE will promote the use and dissemination of the results and work towards future commercialization of its remote monitoring healthcare solution. Other products or by-products generated by the project will also be commercialized.



The project lasted from 01/04/2019 until 31/03/2022.


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