Innovative capacity is crucial for the competitiveness of companies.  

Innovation is responsible for about one-thirdof economic growth for SMEs. Around 110,000 small and medium-sized companies launch new products or processes on the market every year, and BMWi wants to support you in doing so.  

This is exactly where qualified external consulting helps in the preparation and implementation of innovative ideas, which is promoted within the framework of go-Inno. 

So, take advantage of the BMWi innovation vouchers!  

Steps towards success

They cover 50% of your expenses for external consulting services, such as what Inova supplies. 

Your benefit: With innovative product solutions you win new customers, expand your sales market, and thus strengthen your competitiveness. 

Companies with up to 100 employees can generally receive the following grants for our consulting services

  • Up to 8 consultant days* Funding for potential analysis to the value of EUR 4,400
  • Up to 20 consultant days* Funding Realisation concept worth a maximum of EUR 11,000
  • Up to 15 consultant days grant Project management worth a maximum of EUR 8,250

* In the case of potential analysis and realization concept, a further 2 or 5 days of work can be allocated by competent third parties. 

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