Park4Flex LogoVision of Park4Flex

Renewable energies and electric cars are currently among the most current and important topics. The Park4Flex project combines these two areas. It contributes to the accelerated integration of renewable energies into the electrical energy system while maintaining system stability and security of supply. The focus is on how flexibilities from bidirectional charging electric vehicles in concentrated parking areas can be harnessed to support grid operations in a market-based manner. In short, electric vehicles should be able to be integrated more quickly and efficiently without fear of overloading the power system.


The Approach

The impact on the stabilization of the supply system by the proposed solution is analysed and the additional expansion potential of RE by providing flexibilities is identified. To demonstrate the feasibility of the Park4Flex concept, the charging infrastructure in a test park area will be equipped with extensive new functionalities and modern communication standards. The developed forecasting models for parking availability and charging behaviour reduce the uncertainties in the aggregated flexibilities, which increases their suitability for the provision of grid-serving services. The coupling of the charging infrastructure with the parking reservation and payment system is made more convenient through simple parking reservation and straightforward billing. In addition, this will increase the acceptance of electro mobility. The support of the power grid by market- and grid-oriented charging is enabled by the expansion of the charging infrastructure with modern ICT solutions and bidirectional charging technology.


Tasks of Inova DE

In this project, Inova provides software development capabilities with the main objective of maintaining data privacy in the process and ensuring that bidirectional charging and discharging is possible, depending on the driver’s intentions and usage intentions of the parking facility. Inova is also developing business models for the market-oriented use of parking flexibilities.



Park4Flex will last from November 2022 until an expected October 2025.