Thousands of people require organ donors every day. To meet the high demand, the concept of 3D printing technology using live stem-cells has been under research for the last three decades. However, there were little or no advancements at all.

The project “3D Pivot – 3D bio-Printing for Insulin producing Vascularized Organs following Tumour resection” will address mainly pancreatic cancer patients in its base research. The long-term objective is to address all the patients suffering from pancreatic dysfunctions (e.g. diabetics). Furthermore, the vision of expanding this technology to all the other human organs to save more lives through transplantation truly motivates the efforts of the conjoined companies.

To reach the goals of this project, the consortium will build upon incremental changes to already existing components, both on the hardware and software levels. However, the combination of these exploitable components that will generate a breakthrough in medicine. If the consortium can prove that this system can define and create functional organoids, capable of producing insulin for the patients, the project will have achieved both a unique step in the direction of bio-printing and a monumental step in the direction of helping diabetic patients.

The European consortium composed by Inova DE GmbH, LTHD Corporation SRL, Advanced Simulation and Design, GmbH (ASD) and Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg have initiated the 3D PIVOT project, funded within the framework of the Eurostars Programme. The project has begun in July 2018 and it will tackle the diverse and continuously growing 3D printing market with an innovative creation of a human organ model based on this technology.

Start: July 2018

Conclusion: May 2021

Funding program: The project is supported by Eurostars (E! 12021) and the national funding agencies BMBF Germany and UEFISCDI Romania.

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