With the intention of evaluating our an on-going CAST project, we’ve successfully secured a license to use the TRIANGLE Test-bench to test the whole communication chain, from the hardware to the server over the mobile network and benchmark the system under different conditions.

Focusing on the lack of post-hospitalization monitoring for post-operative patients, we started our platform development based on an innovative wearable. We aim at it to become the backbone of a telemedicine service to automatically analyse very long ECG signals (weeks to months) and other body-vital-signs for continuous real-time remote monitoring.

With the help of the TRIANGLE Consortium we will measure the communication speed (network latency) between the t-shirt and cloud system, the follow-up analysis and consequent services and messaging activation, particularly when in motion through the city. These are the relevant KPIs for a secure and reliable e-health application that will effectively help cardiac patients in need. Other relevant KPIs are the consistent 4G communication handoff when the patient is in motion, data corruption of discontinuity of ECG due to this motion, benchmarking and performance of communication speed and network latency maps, and battery-life in different mobile scenarios.

This analysis will run until the end of March 2018, by then you can expect to hear from us with more updates.