Why you should hire us

Innovation Management

There are many reasons why you might be interested or in need of an innovation management service. And here is why you should contact us:

Help with a complex and time consuming task

Our services are customizable to your needs. Whether you just need the project proposal written or you want to have a longer commitment throughout the project duration, we can assist you with the extra manpower you need to focus on your real goal: the product. With our experience, we know how to evaluate your project’s chances of success with a critical eye, and how to best address the funding programs available to you. We provide an unbiased point of view with all the necessary Intellectual Propriety safeguards you require. We understand that your time is your most valuable business asset, and we aren’t interested in wasting it. We offer you what you exactly need to succeed with your idea or project. We help you to save money, and most of all save your time.

Finding the right funding and competences

Our long-term mission is to facilitate others with their inventiveness and vision and bring those ideas into the market as products or services. Our desire is to support your efforts across the whole development chain into a self-sustainable business; this has given rise to our special service. We see such challenges transversal to the market segment that you operate in. We understand the unique needs you have, and with an outside eye we can help you interface with other industry partners, academia and user institutions or organizations. This way you can be sure that the product you develop is the right one for the market you want to address. No matter how complex or seemingly simple the innovation step is that your situation requires, you can trust that the team in Heidelberg knows your needs and safely guides you to the right funding for your project. Together we bring it to the best conclusion – a marketable product or service.

Specialized skills

There is no substitute for selecting a knowledgeable and passionate innovation partner. Our highly-specialized skill set makes us a great partner for your innovation needs. We fully understand the innovation cycle from initial idea to final market product, as it is demonstrated by our own development efforts and successful market history. Our international dimension brings an added-value to this collaboration in finding reliable European partners to collaborate with. We have unique access to successful entrepreneurs and business executives around Europe, the investment community, talented consultants and successful companies that have created large business with our help, and proven leaders within the thriving technology ecosystem.

Meeting the deadlines

We know how to properly schedule assignments through the multiple funding deadlines. We treat each customer with personalized and special care making sure their assignment is top priority and meets all scheduled deadlines. The size of our team in Heidelberg is malleable; through our European partners we can extent it for your project on demand. At Inova DE, we have a disciplined, thematic approach to funding, project writing and partner search. In this way, we focus on assignments we know we can complete and on areas where we can best leverage our expertise and network of relationships.


We understand that keeping your costs low and predictable is extremely important. At Inova DE we operate on all levels of innovation demands. Therefore, we have customized offers for all different extents of innovation, research and development needs. Whether it is a success fee based, a fixed hourly rate or project based, we are sure to show you excellent value-for-money. We’re not interested in making a quick profit or squeezing you into a one-size-fits-all program – we want to build a relationship with you and help your business flourish.